Ready for Self-discovery?

Ready to reconnect to your Authentic Self?

Ready to dissolve Emotional Pain & Create Peace?

Focus is you!

A powerful day and half of deep healing that includes:

Empower yourself to move beyond victim consciousness:

Victim consciousness is a highly toxic and totally disempowering belief system. It can be defined as the conviction that someone has done something “bad” to you and, as a direct result, they are entirely responsible for the lack of peace and happiness in your life.

Energy Release Work:

Chakra System: Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. Energy centers throughout your body. Learn how to pay attention to the body and identify what is unbalanced.

Radical Forgiveness:

Radical Forgiveness is so much more than merely letting go of the past like traditional forgiveness. It is the key to living the life you want and creating a world you want to live.


Neuroscience has demonstrated that where and how we place our attention, the very thoughts we have, and even how we observe our breath can change the physical structure of the brain as well as alter hundreds of biological processes. Mindfulness acts as an antidote to stress.

The Mind Body Spirit connection:

Self-heal with techniques that address the mind/body connection

Loving Kindness:

Learn how to open your heart and self-heal through the practice of loving

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Susan Davis LMHC