The Radical Forgiveness Solution

The Radical Forgiveness Solution

Whatever your problem, Radical Forgiveness is the answer. Do you have relationship problems, sexual abuse, health issues, addiction, depression, anger, resentment, holding excess weight and feeling used, betrayed, rejected or abandoned.

YES, Radical Forgiveness is a simple and elegant process for quickly dissolving the residual pain attached to ALL of these emotion-related problems and many more besides. It has helped thousands of people release toxic pain from old emotional wounds, free themselves from harmful behavior patterns and experience deeper levels of self-acceptance than they’ve ever known before.

So, why not you? It is totally non-threatening and you’ve nothing to lose but your pain. It gives you well proven, self-directed tools that are extremely effective. You use them to release issues you have with just about anything or anyone — including yourself. You’ll be amazed at how so many areas of your life will feel healthier as a result and will simply work better.

Radical Forgiveness is so much more than merely letting go of the past like traditional forgiveness. It is the key to living the life you want and creating a world you want to live.

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Susan Davis LMHC